The 3D models available in the Polymachine Store come in 3ds max (as of now – mostly version 2017) and FBX formats. By default the 3ds max versions are compatible with Vray Next and whatever was the current version of Corona renderer at the time of upload, since Corona Renderer updates frequently and is subscription based, the assumption is that mostly everyone will be using the latest version. Every product in the store has the available formats listed in the description so to be sure – check the individual product for compatibility.

Yes! By default all our models come with 4k seamless textures of our own making. There are cases where that is either impossible or unnecessary, but for the most part you can assume 4k seamless in JPEG format.

The materials applied to the 3ds max versions are for Corona and/or Vray NEXT and are made to be as simple as possible while looking great. No spaghetti nodes and crazy node trees.

The FBX versions come without materials.

In the sea of similar looking 3D model webshops with white backgrounds, we wanted to create something nicer to look at. Wireframes take extra time in model preparation which would in turn increase the model production price, as well as the price for the end user. We don’t think that makes sense. Our team has from 10-20 years of experience in poly modelling, so rest assured, you will not be disappointed by the topology of our models. Try one out and see for yourself, we are confident you won’t need wireframes afterward.

We now have a semi-automated custom model checking tool developed in house, so mistakes like these should be almost nonexistent. However, mistakes can still happen and things can sometimes fall through the cracks. In case you notice something like this with one of our models, please do not hesitate to write us at support@polymachine.com and tell us what the problem is. Please reference either the model name or the product SKU in the email and we will try and fix any mistakes as soon as humanly possible and notify you when it’s done.

In case you have any inquiries about the store and the products offered, or you have a suggestion for models you’d like to see in the store, send us an email at store@polymachine.com and we’ll see what we can do to help.