About us

Polymachine is the result of a journey in computer graphics that our founding members started more than a decade ago. We are an experienced and growing team of architects, engineers, designers and businessmen who share a passion for visualization. Led by Dean Niskota and Hrvoje Čop, both CG industry veterans, and international entrepreneur Martin Ferić, our company strives to provide imagery that shines in both visual aesthetics and technical accuracy. We offer creative solutions which may be more than just pretty images, and Polymachine is more than ‘just another visualization company’. We don’t shy away from challenges, and we love exploring new areas of 3D graphics. For us, nothing is as exciting as working on something we’ve never done before.

From the start, our visualization workflow has consistently been much more about raw 3d than any kind of 2D or post work, which in turn made us heavily invested in modeling. After making countless bespoke assets for our projects over the course of many years, we decided we should start using those skills and know-how to provide CG artists with a repository of reasonably priced assets with consistent, dependable quality.

The availability of powerful computers and the advancements in rendering technology over the years have made using very detailed models and textures not only a reality – but a standard. And this is exactly what our goal is to provide.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy using our products in your projects!